Crazynoob's site mega updated edition (tm)

eh? a new paeg?

yeah say helo to my new projects page

this will hold my greatest favorite projects


UWU WHATS THIS???????????

A BRAND NEW SITE REMADE IN JEKYLL????!?!?!?!?!?!??!!>?!?!?11111? WITH LANYON THEEEEEEEEMMMMMMMM>!>!»!»!>!>!>!!»@1111.1»BKGVJrf,fjregfjhfevkhjhfwevf i think i am going mental but hey welcome to my new and imporved site now more focusing on blogs and stuff i hope you enjoy my awful crap

p.s i am migrating alot of my old crap so expect my old crap to be non existent

anyways bye let me procratinate more and explode